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your asphalt pavement has just been resurfaced? give it the care it deserves. Asphalt sealer to enhance color and consolidate cracks

an asphalt sealer should be applied soon after paving. Unsealed asphalt pavements are constantly exposed to destructive elements, causing expensive damage and shortening the life of the pavement. Sealcoating is the ideal way to improve the appearance and durability of your property while protecting your pavement investment. 

Your asphalt pavement needs some love, why not contact us to discuss its maintenance?

Over the last few decades, with the increase in traffic on our streets and parking lots, we’ve noticed that the pavements have been seriously damaged by salt formation and sun oxidation.

Starting from scratch is not an affordable solution for many of us. That’s why maintenance is the most popular, effective and affordable solution, both in the short and long term. 

How does our Asphalt Sealer Installation Service work?

1-Initial assessment

We assess the current condition of your asphalt, identifying areas requiring special attention. 

2-Depth cleaning

We thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt, debris and anything else that may interfere with the sealant’s adhesion. 

3-Repairing cracks (if necessary)

If cracks are present, we carry out preliminary repairs to ensure effective sealant application. 

4-Professional application

Our team applies the sealant professionally, ensuring uniform coverage over the entire surface. 

5-Drying and curing

We allow the sealant to dry and harden, creating a solid protective barrier. 

6-Final inspection

We perform a final inspection to ensure that the sealant has been optimally applied and that your asphalt surface is ready to brave the elements. 

Why choose El Gars du coin?

Long-term protection

Our high-quality sealant offers long-term protection against UV rays, weathering and damage caused by daily use.

Improved aesthetics

By sealing the asphalt surface, we prevent the formation of cracks and fissures, prolonging the life of your paved surfaces.

Improved aesthetics

The sealant makes your asphalt look like new, improving the aesthetic appearance of your property.

Wear reduction

By creating a protective barrier, our sealant reduces wear caused by traffic, chemicals and other factors.

Professional Application

Our team of experts ensures professional sealant application, guaranteeing uniform coverage and maximum protection.

Long-term savings

By investing in sealant installation, you save money in the long term by avoiding costly repairs due to untreated damage.

Simplify Your Home Life

Protect your investment and improve the appearance of your asphalt surfaces with [Your Company Name]. Contact us today to schedule your asphalt sealer installation service and extend the life of your paved surfaces! 

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