Home automation & object connected

Home automation seems inaccessible to you! Are you overwhelmed by new technologies? Would you like to be able to touch it?

Discover the potential of home automation with El Gars du coin. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and find out how we can transform your home into a smart, intuitive space. 

Adjust the temperature of your heating, set the intensity and color of your lighting or open a lock from your smartphone.

Mobile Application

Manage your home from a smartphone or tablet. 

Intelligent Lighting

Automation and dimming of all lighting systems. 

Intelligent heating

Remote control of heating and air-conditioning systems. 

Energy savings

Report and measurements of the house’s energy consumption. 

Smoke detectors

Safety alerts on smartphone in the event of fire detection 

Water leak detector

Safety alerts in the event of flood detection 

Presence simulation:

Lights on and off at random during your absence. 

Access control

Remote control of garage doors, Venetian blinds and roller shutters 


Ventilation systems, watering systems, swimming pools, aquariums, etc. 

Benefits of home automation with El Gars du coin!


Each installation is tailored to your needs and the unique configuration of your home.

Remote Control

Monitor and control your home wherever you are, thanks to user-friendly mobile applications.

Advanced Security

Integrate advanced security features for total peace of mind.


Add new features as your needs change. Our system is designed to fit your lifestyle. 

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