High-pressure washing

Want to give your patio, deck or fence a new lease on life? Pressure washing is an excellent alternative

Residential pressure washing is the ideal solution for effectively removing dirt, and this cleaning technique delivers impressive results. Thanks to high water pressure, encrusted dirt is dislodged deep down, leaving the floor sparkling clean.

With our comprehensive guide, discover the essential steps to follow for a safe residential pressure wash. Don’t neglect your home’s appearance and give it a facelift with this effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning method. 

Our high pressure cleaning services

wooden patio treat

Ideal for effectively removing dirt, mildew and stubborn stains from your outdoor surfaces. Whether for your terrace. 

Washing your fence

By removing contaminants that can damage your fence material, professional washing can help extend its life. 

outdoor washing

Contributing to the preservation, beauty and maintenance of your property’s exterior surfaces. 

Equipment washing

By removing dirt, mildew and other contaminants, high-pressure washing helps prevent structural damage and extend the life of surfaces. 

The advantages of pressure washing to maintain your patio, terrace, fence or even your house

Élimination des Débris Incrustés

Our high-pressure equipment effectively removes dirt, moss and other debris that can become embedded in wood over time.

Restauration de la Couleur d'Origine

High-pressure washing reveals the natural color of your wood, removing layers of dirt and discoloration and bringing your patio back to life.

Prévention des Moisissures et Champignons

By eliminating mold and fungus spores, high-pressure washing helps prevent the growth of these undesirable elements on your wooden patio.

Préparation pour le Traitement du Bois

If you're planning to apply a protective treatment to your wood, high-pressure washing creates a clean surface, ideal for absorbing the treatment.

General Appearance Refresh

Give your wooden patio a new lease on life by restoring its fresh, well-groomed appearance with our high-pressure washing service. 

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