TV wall bracket installation

Can you guarantee a safe and attractive installation in my home?

At El Gars du coin, we understand that the way you install your TV can completely transform your home entertainment experience. That’s why we’re here to offer exceptional wall-mounted TV installation services, ensuring not only a secure installation but also an aesthetic that blends seamlessly into your space. 

A Worry-Free Home Cinema Experience 

  • Tilting
  • Fixed wall
  • Articulated
  • Recessed
  • Wiring concealment for TV sets
  • Filing your wiring in walls
  • Installing and configuring your soundbar on the wall
  • Setting up your sound system,
  • Wall-mounted speakers with concealed cables.
  • wall-mounting sound bar
  • wall shelf installation 

Our TV wall mount installation services

Flat screen TV installation

From standard-size screens to larger models, we install your TV with precision. 

Tilt or swivel wall brackets

Personalize your viewing experience with tilt or swivel wall mounts for optimum viewing angles. 

Audio and video integration

Combine your TV installation with audio and video systems for an immersive experience. 

Elevate Your Home Entertainment

At El Gar du coin, we believe that the way you install your TV can be as important as the TV itself. Let us transform your space into a stylish and functional entertainment venue.

Contact us today to discuss your wall TV installation needs and find out how [Your Company Name] can create a hassle-free home cinema experience for you. 

Is it reasonable to install a large TV screen on a drywall?

It’s perfectly possible.

However, as plasterboard is very light, the weight of the load must be well distributed. You must therefore choose your mounting hardware carefully, even if it is generally not supplied with your television.

On the other hand, if the screen is larger than 42″ and/or weighs around 30 kg, installing it on a fragile wall such as gypsum wallboard means running the risk of tearing out the partition and causing the TV to fall. 

Why Choose El Gars du coin for Your Wall-Mounted TV Installation?

Professional Expertise

Our team of experts specializes in the professional installation of TV sets of all sizes. Whether flat, curved, LED or OLED, we've got the skills you need.

Customize Installation

Every space is unique, and so are your preferences. We customize the installation to meet your specific needs, taking into account room layout, lighting and aesthetic preferences.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality wall mounts and accessories to ensure a secure and durable installation. Your TV will be securely fastened, offering total peace of mind.

Discrete wiring

We ensure that cables are carefully concealed for a clean, uncluttered look. Enjoy an organized space without wire clutter.

Our wall-mounted TV support installation services


Trust El Gars du coin to simplify your home life. Whether you need home help, organization or decluttering, we’re here to support you. Contact us today to discuss your needs and start your journey towards a harmonious living space. 

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