Cable Concealment & Pre-wiring

You can't see the wiring on the wall anymore? you need to hide your wiring!

Concealed wiring and residential pre-wiring as well as miscellaneous pre-wiring 

Services offered :

  • Internal coaxial
  • Telephone line
  • Network cabling
  • Home cinema
  • Home theater wiring
  • Loudspeaker wiring 

You're at the renovation stage!? think about your wiring and pre-wiring.

So this is the best time to plan your future audio video projects. You could save up to 50% on labor. Call us for a free quote, our team of experts will be happy to meet all your expectations!

  • Wiring concealment for TV sets
  • Filing your wiring in walls
  • Installing and configuring your soundbar on the wall
  • Configuration of your sound system, installation of wall-mounted speakers with concealed cables.
  • wall-mounting sound bar
  • wall shelf installation 


Concealed wiring & pre-wiring - Aesthetics and functionality combined

Our expert team excels in the art of cleverly concealing cables for a sleek, organized look. Whether for your home entertainment system, your office or any other space, we create customized solutions that integrate technology seamlessly into your décor. 

Pre-wiring - For unlimited connectivity

Anticipate future needs with our pre-cabling service. We plan and install wired infrastructures for power, data, audio and video, offering maximum flexibility for future technological developments. Intelligent pre-wiring is the key to limitless connectivity. 

Pré-câblé – Pour une connectivité illimitée

Why choose El Gars du coin for your wiring?

Expertise Technique

Our experienced team combines technical know-how and creativity to create cable concealment solutions that meet your highest expectations.


Every space is unique, and we customize our services to suit your specific needs and preferred aesthetic.

Innovation Continuelle

We remain at the forefront of the latest technologies to offer you pre-wiring solutions adapted to the emerging trends of the connected world.

Satisfaction Client

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and creating impeccable spaces.

Transform Your Space Today

Say goodbye to unsightly cables and get ready for seamless connectivity. Contact us today to discuss your cable concealment and pre-wiring needs. [Your Company Name] is ready to transform your space into one that’s stylish, organized and ready for the future. 

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Additional services available
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