Stain for deck or fences

Does your terrace or fence need stain or maintenance? Beautify and protect your outdoor spaces

At El Gars du coin, we understand the importance of attractive, long-lasting outdoor spaces. That’s why we’re proud to offer specialized stain services for your patios, decks and fences. Our services aim to beautify these crucial areas of your property while protecting them from the outdoor elements. 

The advantages of exterior wood stain

Making the right choice isn't always easy, but it can save a lot of trouble.

If you’re building a new wood deck, it’s essential that you think before you get out the brushes. If you change your mind after 1 year, you’ll have to embark on some serious work to redeem your mistake, especially if you want to switch from painted to stained bare wood. In this case, long hours of sanding are to be expected. 

Patio, deck & fence stain for added protection

Because of its durability, it represents a functional solution thanks to its simplicity, since the stain is applied to unpainted wood and requires only one coat to treat and color the surface. 

Our services

Patio stain:

Whether your patio is made of wood, composite or other materials, our team of experts uses advanced staining techniques to revive and renew the appearance of your outdoor living space. We choose high-quality stains that resist weathering while enhancing the wood’s natural color. 

Terrace stain:

La terrasse est l’endroit où vous vous détendez et profitez du plein air. Nos services de teinture de terrasse sont conçus pour protéger le bois ou d’autres matériaux de votre terrasse contre la décoloration, les dommages UV et les intempéries. Offrez à votre terrasse une nouvelle jeunesse tout en prolongeant sa durabilité.

Fence stain:

La clôture joue un rôle essentiel dans l’esthétique globale de votre propriété. Notre équipe professionnelle applique une teinture qui non seulement rehausse la beauté de votre clôture, mais la protège également des agressions extérieures telles que la pluie, le soleil et la pollution.

Pergola staining:

Donnez une nouvelle vie à votre pergola avec nos services de teinture sur mesure. Nous sélectionnons des teintures qui complètent le style de votre espace extérieur, tout en offrant une protection contre les rayons UV et les intempéries.

Here are the general steps for staining your patio, deck or fence.

Preparation :

  • Clean the patio, removing all dirt, debris, leaves and other items.
  • Use a pressure washer or brush to remove embedded dirt.
  • Let the patio dry completely before moving on to the next step. 

Any repairs :

  • Examine the patio for damage or cracks.
  • Repair cracks with a wood repair product if necessary.
  • Check for loose nails or screws and secure them. 

Sanding :

  • Sand the patio to remove any old paint or peeling stain.
  • Use coarse abrasive paper for rough surfaces, then switch to a finer grit for a smooth surface. 

Additional cleaning :

  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust.
  • Use a specific degreaser or wood cleaner to remove greasy residues. 

Stain application :

  • Choose a stain to suit your wood type and aesthetic preferences.
  • Use a brush, roller or sprayer to apply the stain evenly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying times between coats. 

Additional layers (if necessary) :

  • Depending on the type of stain used, you may need to apply several coats to achieve the desired color.
  • Allow to dry completely between coats. 
Why choose our services?

Professional expertise :

We specialize in the precise application of dyes to ensure uniform, attractive results.

Choice of Quality Dyes :

We use high-quality stains that offer long-lasting protection while preserving the natural appearance of the materials.

Customization :

We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you want to revive the original color or opt for a new shade.

Improved durability :

Our staining services are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also enhance the resistance of your exterior surfaces to the elements.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces Today

Make your patio, deck and fence welcoming and resilient. Contact us at El Gars du coin to discuss how our staining services can beautify and protect your outdoor spaces. We look forward to making your vision a reality. 

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