Snow removal stairs & patio

During the cold season, snow accumulation on your patio can create an unsafe environment in the event of an emergency.

Snow removal from your staircase, balcony, patio.  We offer a manual snow removal  emergency on-call service. of restricted spaces, inaccessible by machines. 

The following shoveling services are available:

  • Stairs
  • Balcony
  • patio
  • Winter shelters
  • Tempo
  • Garden shed roofing 

Why is patio snow removal important? For many reasons!

Importance of patio snow removal

A safety measure. Since your patio or deck is periodically covered with snow in Quebec winters, there are several reasons why you’ll need to pay extra attention to cleaning and snow removal. First and foremost? Your safety! To avoid any dangerous situation, it’s very important to clear snow in front of bedroom doors and basement windows (exits in case of fire). Access routes to the house from the patio must be accessible at all times during the cold season, to avoid risks in the event of fire. 

However, if you find that cleaning your wooden deck or patio is a laborious process, it’s perfectly possible to entrust snow removal to professionals in the trade.

What to avoid

Metal tools. When it comes to clearing snow from a wooden patio, there are a few tips and precautions you need to take to ensure that it retains its original appearance and durability. The first step is to clear the snow with a snow removal tool. It’s best to use a plastic shovel to avoid scratching or scratching the surface of your wooden patio (make sure the shovel you use doesn’t have metal tips).

Abrasion. A second option known to be effective against snow and frost build-up is the application of de-icing salts. Sodium chloride or coarse salt can be used to melt snow. However, these salts can be too abrasive for wooden decks, and may alter the color of the stain and their appearance. 

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