Paver Scellant

We offer complete cleaning services for your Pave-Uni

the application of Pave-Uni Sealant and polymer sand joints completely eliminates weeds. 

Services offered :

  • Polymer joint redesign
  • Deep cleaning of oil, rust and tire stains.
  • Application of uni paver sealer;
  • Cleaning with efflorescence soap.
    Application of uni paver sealer under pressure. 

Why use Pave-Uni Sealer?

Protective sealant facilitates cleaning and enhances the color of uni-stone. Unistone sealer also protects the surface from engine oil and B.B.Q. stains and extends polymer life. 

Why redo polymer sand joints?

Polymeric sand is one of the most important stages in the installation of uni pavers, stabilizing the paving. Polymer sand also prevents weed growth, resists insects, water and frost erosion, and withstands high-pressure cleaning. 

installation de pavé uni, stabilisation du dallage

Why Choose Our Unistone Sealer Installation Service?

Protection Renforcée

Our high-quality sealant offers enhanced protection against UV rays, weather and daily wear and tear, preserving the original color and texture of your uni-stone.

Refonte de Joints Polymères

We carefully reshape the polymer joints to ensure a strong bond between the pavers, preventing weeds f rom growing and maintaining the stability of the surface.

Prévention des Mauvaises Herbes

Polymer joint resurfacing prevents weed growth, ensuring a neat, easy-to-maintain exterior.

Éclat et Brillance

Our sealer gives your pavers an extra shine and lustre, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your outdoor space.

Durabilité Accrue

By creating a protective barrier, our sealant prolongs the life of your pavers, reducing deterioration caused by the elements.

Application Professionnelle

Our team of experts ensures professional sealant application, guaranteeing uniform coverage and maximum protection.

Simplify Your Home Life

Protect and revive the beauty of your paver stones with El Gars du coin. Contact us today to schedule your unistone sealer installation and polymer joint resurfacing service, and bring your paved spaces back to life! 

How does our paver stone Sealant Installation and Polymer Joint Remelting Service work?

1-Initial assessment

We assess the current condition of your paving stone, identifying any areas requiring special attention. 

2-Depth cleaning

We thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt, debris and anything else that may interfere with the sealant’s adhesion. 

3-Redesign of Polymer Seals

We reshape the polymer joints, ensuring a solid connection between the pavers. 

4-Professional sealer application

Our team applies the sealant professionally, ensuring uniform coverage over the entire surface. 

5-Drying and curing

We allow the sealant to dry and harden, creating a solid protective barrier. 

6-Final inspection

We perform a final inspection to ensure that the sealant has been optimally applied and that your pavers are ready to stand up to the elements. 

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